For three generations the Tombacco Family has been producing and bottling Italian wines with genuine and intense flavours, in the best wine-making tradition of our country. We work to create different types of products, to satisfy an Italian and foreign market that is both demanding and capable of choosing quality wines at competitive prices. 40% of our production gives rise to around 10 million bottles a year, while the remaining 60% is sold in barrels.

Our winery work has two important aspects: on the one hand it is strictly linked to tradition and the whole production system is managed as it once was. This is why we have chosen to remain a small company, with 30 skilled employees who love what they do, and to focus on quality and attention to detail.

On the other hand, we are continuously evolving, driven by a constant improvement in quality and technique. Product certifications, completely organic vines, attention to sustainability and energy saving are the main aspects that drive our business.



Aglianico I.G.T. del Beneventano 2018-2019


Pecorino I.G.T. Terre di Chieti 2017