Carmelo Rodero belongs to an ancient line of wine producers in the Ribera town of Pedrosa de Duero. His childhood was spent among vineyards and winepresses, and his earliest memories involve his grandparents producing wine the traditional way.
Carmelo’s passion was so intense that, from the time he was an adolescent, he began to invest his first earnings in new vine plantings. And so, based on dreams, effort, and sacrifice, he managed to build up a considerable holding.

The personality of Carmelo Rodero wines stems from the propitious combination of two factors: the unique, incomparable characteristics of the vineyards, paired with the most innovative production techniques. And all of this powered by the strength and enthusiasm of the winemaker and his family.

The secret is found in our unique, patented winemaking system, which makes it possible to pamper the grapes, using gravity alone, without pumping. Combining traditional methods with the best cutting-edge technologies.


Barrica/ 9 Months / 2019

Crianza / 15 Months / 2017

Reserva / 21 Months / 2016

Pago de Valtarreña