Every so often events that change history, take place. Over 20 years ago, the viticultural industry experienced a revolution in Chile.

New factors came together, the use of French Oak Barrel, technology and access to precise information about the weather and soil, changed the way wine was made.

It is in this context that a unique wine with exceptional quality was born; Caballo Loco, a wine that gathers the best varieties, vintages and valleys of Chile.

A wine that is made in a unique enological process that reserves half of each release in order to be mixed with half of the next version.

Website: www.caballoloco.cl

Grand Cru Blanc de Noirs

Grand Cru Brut Nature

Grand Cru Tinto Sagrada Familia 2017

Grand Cru Tinto Limarí 2015

Grand Cru Tinto Apalta 2017

Grand Cru Tinto Maipo 2014

Numerado 17