France Fortified Wine Market 2014-2024: Impact of COVID-19 in the Medium Term

The fortified wine market in France was equal to 2.23 billion USD (calculated in retail prices) in 2014. Until 2024, the wine market in France is forecast to reach 3.17 billion USD (in retail prices), thus increasing at a CAGR of 5.18% per annum for the period 2019-2024. This is an increase, compared to the growth of about 2.07% per year, registered in 2014-2018.

The average consumption per capita in value terms reached 34.74 USD per capita (in retail prices) in 2014. In the next five years, it grew at a CAGR of 1.65% per annum. In the medium term (by 2024), the indicator is forecast to speed up its growth and increase at a CAGR of 4.81% per annum.

Major trends on the fortified wine market are closely linked with the growing health and wellness trend and the increasing consumption of low and non-alcohol beverages. In particular, in the area of cocktail making, fortified wines such as port and vermouth are more frequently used in the last few years, since they keep alcohol levels down. Moreover, owing to customers’ high expectations regarding taste and demand for sophisticated flavors, the market observes a reviving interest in vermouth. Its versatile aromatic flavor profile makes it ideal for the expanding cocktail culture.

Regionally, sherry and madeira have seen a significant resurgence in the USA and the UK in the last few years, partially driven by restaurants’ efforts to match them with all courses of the meal. In addition, younger consumers are also showing increased interest in the category in recent years, following the rise of cocktail culture.

This report presents a strategic analysis of the French fortified wine market and a forecast for its development in the medium term, taking into account the impact of COVID-19 on it. It provides a comprehensive overview of the market volume and value, dynamics, segmentation, characteristics, main players, prices, international trade, trends and insights, growth and demand drivers, challenges, etc. This is one of the most comprehensive reports about the French fortified wine market, offering unmatched value, accuracy and expert insights.

Report Scope

+ Market volume, value and dynamics for the last five years;
+ Analysis of the factors, influencing the market development (market trends and insights, drivers and challenges) and the impact COVID-19 has and will have on the market in both the short and the medium term;
+ Value chain analysis and structure of price formation;
+ Analysis of retail price levels and their dynamics for the last five years;
+ Analysis of the major international trade flows;
+ Volume, value, dynamics, and analysis of imports for the last five years;
+ Volume, value, dynamics, and analysis of exports for the last five years;
+ Volume and dynamics of the average import and export prices for the last five years;
+ Volume, value, dynamics, and analysis of per capita consumption for the last five years;
+ Forecast for market development in the medium term;
+ Characteristics of the main players on the market;
+ Analysis of the competitive landscape;
+ Importance of the HoReCa channel (on-trade vs. off-trade consumption);
+ Market shares of the main market players;
+ Distribution channels for retail sales;
+ Five Forces analysis;
+ Analysis and forecast for the global economy and demographics.

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