Fine Wine & Good Spirits offering curbside pickup orders at certain locations

Emily Matthews/Post-Gazette

Fine Wine & Good Spirits began offering curbside pickup to customers Monday at a limited number of locations.

Each store will take orders by phone from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or until the store reaches the maximum number of orders it can fulfill that day, Monday through Saturday.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board said customers will be allowed to place one order of up to six bottles.

Here are the details, as announced in a release on the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board website:

Curbside pickup orders will be limited to one order of no more than six bottles. Only one order will be accepted per caller, per store, per day. Callers will be guided by store staff through products available to purchase at each location. Payment by credit card will be required by phone, and all curbside pickup sales are final (no returns).

“Fine Wine & Good Spirits is making strides in expanding service to our customers,” the release said. “We ask you to remain patient if you don’t get through by phone right away. We’re optimistic our capacity to fulfill orders through our website and curbside pickup will increase in the coming weeks.”

As of Monday, PLCB spokesman Shawn M. Kelly said, about 1,400 workers were back to work at the 176 Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores and licensee service centers, where they are fulfilling both online and curbside pickup orders.

Remaining employees are using their own paid leave or are on unpaid leave, and the state is maintaining their health benefits, but more are expected to be back to work soon, he said.

Full-time employees are being invited back first based on seniority, said Wendell Young IV, president of their United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776, who is pleased with how Gov. Wolf and the PLCB are carefully getting back to business. “People want to go back to work but they want to know it’s safe,” he said, noting that members are telling him the protocols for smaller crews to safely work together in these generally small stores are working. “It’s a crazy dance but they’re doing it,” he said. The union is offering workers face shields that it purchased.

He said he’s pleased, too, with Gov. Wolf monitoring how the Fine Wine & Good Spirits curbside sales go as a possible model for other retailers across the state to do the same.

Workers are being paid an extra $3 per hour for working during the public health crisis, which Mr. Kelly said is on top of the average pay of $17 for full-time clerks, $13 for part-time clerks, and $25 to $33 for managers.

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